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Benefits of Red Clover - This time of year, some producers are making plans for cover crops. As a slow-growing cool-season legume, red clover is suitable to under sowing into winter small grains. It continues to grow after small grain harvest and can be terminated in time for planting corn. We recently caught up with Nebraska Extension’s Soil Health Management Educator, Katja Kohler-Cole to learn more about red clover.

HighBoy Field Day - When interseeding cover crops there are a few different options available. This year the University of Nebraska-Lincoln began a HighBoy cover crop interseeding project in partnership with several producers and organizations around the state. We got an up-close look at the process during a recent demonstration.

Grain Market Analysis - This week a caught up with Darin Newsom, to get his take on the latest activity in the grain markets.

Weekly Forecast - Weather with Nebraska Extension AG Climatologist and “Market Journal” Chief Meteorologist Al Dutcher.

Ag News Update - It has been a notable week in terms of agriculture news. To catch up on all the latest, we turn to Alex Voicoskie.

Next Week... We'll discuss wheat variety selections with extension educator Nathan Mueller and see how the ranch of the future is being built at Gudmundsen Sandhills Laboratory. Plus, now is the time to check your fields for soybean cyst nematode.

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