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Markets with Chad Hart - Chad Hart, Iowa State Extension Economist and Crop Markets Specialist, examines how drought concerns might affect corn and soybean markets. Chad also discusses selling strategies for both old and new crop grain.

Cattle & Water Efficiency - Andrea Watson, UNL Research Professor of Ruminant Nutrition, discusses the importance of understanding your cattle’s water footprint and meeting their water demands in an efficient way.

Scouting Alfalfa Weevils - Nebraska Extension Entomologist Jeff Bradshaw explains how to look for weevils in alfalfa fields and applicable treatments if they are found. Review the 2021 Guide for Weed Management.

Al's Forecast - Will this active weather pattern continue into the upcoming week? Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher tells us what’s next.

Wheat Hybridization - Stephen Baenziger, Emeritus Professor and Wheat Growers Presidential Chair, discusses his research with wheat hybridization and its impacts on the wheat industry.

Next Week... We'll examine how the Beef Quality Assurance program benefits the beef industry and how you can become BQA certified. Plus, Frayne Olson will be here to answer your questions about the markets.

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