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PNW reactions - We were recently in the Pacific Northwest to take in the sights and sounds of the Wheat Export and Marketing Workshop hosted by the Wheat Marketing Center in Portland Oregon. The 2-day event was chock full of lessons and experiences and those in attendance came away from their time there with a fresh appreciation for the many facets of wheat marketing and exporting.

FLEX-RO | Santosh Pitla - For the past several years, a team at the University of Nebraska Lincoln has been working on a new piece of technology that is geared toward making field maintenance much easier. Their solution is an innovation called the FLEX-RO. This is an unmanned ground vehicle that can distribute seeds, chemicals, and fertilizers. For more on this story, we turn to Market Journal's Mike Straub.

Grain Markets | Elaine Kub - This week we caught up with author and analyst Elaine Kub. She gave us her insight about the current developments in the Grain Markets.

Weekly Weather Forecast | Bill Boyer - We got another small dusting of snow out here in southeast Nebraska last weekend. market journal weather analyst Bill Boyer lets us know how things are looking around the state and what should we expect in the week ahead.

Confronting Cropping Challenges - Last month wrapped up a series of workshops called confronting cropping challenges. This workshop series gave Nebraska producers the opportunity to learn from cropping issues that impacted growers during the 2022 season. Market Journal's Bill Dodd has more.

Next Week... We'll learn about the integral nature of tugboats as they relate to shipping grain. Plus, we'll have some tips on purchasing hay this winter. And as always, we'll have the latest on the markets and weather.

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