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Land Application Training - Cattle manure can improve soil health and provide yield stability and reliability. Manure contains an abundance of macro and micronutrients that are essential for plant growth. However, to achieve a sustainable and reliable yield, it's important to optimize the use of both manure and inorganic fertilizer nutrients.

Commodity Classic Recap | Nebraska Focus - Each year, thousands of Ag producers attend the annual Commodity Classic. This event is described as the nation's largest farmer-led, farmer-focused agricultural and educational experience.

Cattle Markets | Mike Briggs - This week, we caught up with one of our regular cattle market analysts. We traveled out to Briggs feed yard near Seward on Wednesday to get Mike Briggs take on the cattle complex.

Weekly Forecast | Bill Boyer - Weather with “Market Journal" Weather Analyst Bill Boyer.

CropTalk | Hedging - Here on Market Journal, you'll often hear about the importance of grain marketing. Many marketing services claim that pre-harvest marketing, also known as hedging, can help farmers increase their profitability. To learn more about hedging, we recently caught up with UNL Associate Professor of Ag Economics, Cory Walters.

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