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Every topic covered is first measured by this standard. The Market Journal crew is determined to help the agricultural producer improve his or her bottom line, to help make the business more profitable. Market Journal is produced in partnership with the Nebraska Rural Radio Network.


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In The Field Update | Wheat Harvest

The U.S. Department of Agriculture projected a big jump in winter wheat harvest here in Nebraska over the past week. Out to western Nebraska we go for this week’s In the Field Update. We’re checking in on in dryland wheat grower Andrew Terrell.

Flood and Hail Damage

We were in the Minden area last week, where hail had destroyed thousands of acres of crops. The damage this year has not been limited to one area. Many producers have been impacted by hail and flooding. Market Journal caught up with a pair of Nebraska Extension Educators to get some advice on how producers should be responding.

Bee Bum | Honey Bee Farm

Nebraska's state insect since 1975, honeybees pollinate over 90 crops in the state, including alfalfa, sunflowers, and watermelons, which are worth $10 billion annually. We are at a honeybee farm called Bee Mum, just east of Beatrice. Kevin Monfelt is the beekeeper. He tells us more about this operation.

In the Markets | Todd Hultman

It is time to talk the markets and joining the show this week was Todd Hultman from DTN.

Weekly Forecast | Eric Hunt

We got a bit of a break from the heat this week. How are things shaping up as we look to the week ahead? Market Journal’s Chief Meteorologist Eric Hunt has your forecast.

Crop Talk | Japanese Beetles

If you've been out in the bean fields lately, you've probably noticed that Japanese Beetles have emerged in Nebraska. This pest has been seen more frequently around the state over the last several years.

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