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Market Journal – November 20, 2015

This week on Market Journal…

Market Analysis – Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, discusses the dead cat bounce in corn and soybean markets. Roy also talks about drop-dead dates for holding cash grain.

Crop Insurance Cuts – Art Barnaby, Kansas State University agricultural economics professor, outlines potential cuts to the crop insurance program, including eliminating the Harvest Price Option.

Ogallala Aquifer Initiative – Craig Derickson, Nebraska Natural Resources Conservation Service State Conservationist, explains how the Ogallala Aquifer Initiative is helping to manage the state’s groundwater.

Ag Financial Update – Tina Barrett, Nebraska Farm Business Inc. executive director, talks about the current debt load on Nebraska farms and explains why farmers need to closely analyze input costs.

Weather Forecast – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

Next week on Market Journal… With cattle prices struggling, the feedyard industry is experiencing deep losses. Mike Briggs, feedlot manager from Seward, Nebraska, will join us to analyze those markets. Dave Goeller, Nebraska Extension farm business succession planning specialist, will also be with us to talk about developing a positive relationship with your banker.



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