Market Journal – July 18, 2014

This week on Market Journal…

Market Analysis – The USDA is expecting record corn yields and record soybean production for the 2014 harvest. Current condition ratings are the highest during July for corn since 2004 and the best in soybeans since 1994. Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners president, analyzes regional and national crop conditions, possible market rallies and fund positions in both markets.

Weeds in Wheat – Nebraska's wheat farmers had harvested 31 percent of their crop as of the latest USDA progress report. Bob Klein, UNL Extension western Nebraska crops specialist, says farmers can now be focusing on controlling weeds appearing in those fields.

Planting Forages into Wheat Stubble – Aaron Berger, UNL Extension educator, gives options for producers planting forages into irrigated wheat stubble after harvest. Aaron also talks about the difference in growing summer and spring annuals. More information, including a webinar discussion on this topic, can be found through the UNL Beef website.

Managing Spray Drift – Greg Kruger, UNL Extension cropping systems specialist, talks about how farmers can manage drift when spraying. Greg says selecting appropriate nozzles to control droplet size can help minimize drift.

Water Requirements for Calves – Karla Jenkins, UNL Extension cow/calf and range management specialist, discusses the water requirements for young calves. More information on water consumption from young calves can be found here.

Weather Forecast – Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

Next week on Market Journal… The USDA is expecting U.S. farmers will produce big crops of corn and soybeans this harvest. Elaine Kub will join us to analyze market movements for those two commodities.

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