Market Journal - September 8, 2017

Individual Segments

Hog Market Analysis

Ron Plain, University of Missouri emeritus professor of ag and applied economics, describes the slide in hog market prices. Ron also talks about U.S. pork exports, profit margins and overall production.

Silage Guidelines

Mary Drewnoski, Nebraska Extension beef systems specialist, outlines several steps producers can take to ensure they get the best possible results from chopping and storing silage.

Cover Crops & Weed Control

Rodrigo Werle, Nebraska Extension cropping systems specialist, discusses Nebraska Extension research looking at using shorter-season soybean varieties in order to better establish cover crops for weed control.

Drone Technologies

Wayne Woldt, Nebraska Extension ag engineer, explains how a drone-spraying aircraft could possibly be used on ag operations. Wayne also talks about other emerging uses for unmanned aircraft systems.

Weather Outlook

Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week