Market Journal - May 27, 2016

Market Analysis – Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, analyzes the rally in the soybean market. Roy also describes how corn and soybean prices are moving compared to historical trends.

Cattle on Feed – Kate Brooks, Nebraska Extension livestock economist, recaps the USDA’s May Cattle on Feed Report.

Brazil’s Safrinha Corn – Alastair Stewart, DTN South American correspondent, gives an update on Brazil’s second-crop corn harvest. Alastair also talks about political uncertainty in Brazil and Argentina’s corn and soybean crops.

Nitrogen Loss – Brian Krienke, Nebraska Extension educator, describes how soils in Nebraska fields can lose nitrogen.

LEAD Class 36 – Terry Hejny, Nebraska LEAD Program director, explains how viewers can join the Nebraska Lead Program as part of LEAD Class 36.

Weather Outlook – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension associate state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.




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