Market Journal - May 19, 2017

Individual Segments

Market Analysis

Luke Beckman, Central Valley Ag ProEdge grain sales manager, looks at Thursday’s downward movement in the soybean market. Luke also talks about developing a marketing plan for corn. SHOW MORE

U.S. & Mexico Trade

A trade delegation from Mexico visited Nebraska this week to tour industry sites and highlight the value of trade. Gov. Pete Ricketts explains Mexico’s importance to Nebraska’s corn sector.

U.S. Corn Exports

Tom Sleight, U.S. Grains Council president and CEO, describes the current state of trade relations with Mexican corn buyers. Tom also talks about emerging markets for U.S. grain and biotechnology issues with China.

Beef Exports to China

Josh Maples, Mississippi State Extension livestock economist, analyzes the potential for U.S. beef exports to China. Josh also gives an overview of the market and discusses potential hurdles.

Weather Outlook

Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.