Market Journal - March 20, 2020

Individual Segments

COVID-19 on the Farm

Janzen Ag Law Attorney Brianna Schroeder discusses how those in the agricultural industry should be preparing for the inevitability of dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

Analysts React to COVID-19

Several of the show’s market analysts offer their thoughts on how COVID-19 is impacting agriculture and the world as a whole from a health, economic and social standpoint.

Al’s Forecast

It’s been a busy week, and there’s lots to talk about with the weather. Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher has our forecast.

Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report

The preliminary results for the 2020 Nebraska Farm Real Estate Report have been released. Extension Ag Economist Jim Jansen, one of the survey’s authors, discusses the findings.

Feedyard Safety

UNMC's Dr. Aaron Yoder introduces two programs to help promote feedyard safety, with one being targeted toward immigrant workers.