Market Journal – March 20, 2015

Market Analysis – Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, describes the recent movement in corn and soybean markets. Roy also talks about market trends and possible selling opportunities.

Livestock Expansion Bills – Dave Aiken, Nebraska Extension water and ag law specialist, explains bills in the Nebraska Unicameral dealing with livestock zoning, county-level grants and custom hog feeding.

Calf Marketing Plan – Aaron Berger, Nebraska Extension educator talks about creating a marketing plan for this year's calf crop. Aaron also examines the dangers of grass tetany.

New Seed Treatments – Loren Giesler, Nebraska Extension plant pathologist, discusses new soybean seed treatments aimed at managing soybean cyst nematode and sudden death syndrome.

Weather Forecast – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

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