Market Journal - March 4, 2016

Cattle Market Analysis – Mike Briggs, feedlot manager from Seward, Nebraska, analyzes domestic and foreign beef demand, profit in the feedlot and the recent up and down movements in cattle markets.

South American Harvest – Alastair Stewart, DTN South America correspondent, gives an update on harvest results in Brazil. Alastair also talks about the outlook for Argentina’s corn and soybean crops.

Saving Soybean Seed – Steve Mason, UNL professor of agronomy and horticulture, recaps UNL research results on saving and using Roundup Ready soybean seed.

Net Income Risk – Cory Walters, Nebraska Extension economist, explains how crop insurance might impact net income risk for Nebraska corn farmers in 2016.

Weather Outlook – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension associate state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.



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