Market Journal - July 15, 2016

Market Analysis – Luke Beckman, Central Valley Ag ProEdge grain sales manager, analyzes the USDA’s July Crop Report. Luke also talks about crop conditions in Nebraska and lower corn production in Brazil.

Weather’s Impact – Elwynn Taylor, Iowa State University professor of ag meteorology, describes how weather has impacted corn and soybeans to this point in the year. Elwynn forecasts corn and soybean yields above the trend line and also talks about the potential for La Niña.

Weeds after Wheat – Bob Klein, Nebraska Extension western Nebraska crops specialist, explains why winter wheat producers need to focus on weed control after harvest. More information about loan deficiency payments can be found in a recent CropWatch article.

Palmer Amaranth – Jason Norsworthy, University of Arkansas professor and endowed chair of weed science, describes how Palmer amaranth has become one of the more difficult weeds for U.S. crop producers to control.

Weather Outlook – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.






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