Market Journal - July 10, 2020

Individual Segments

What’s A Weather Market?

How the forecast shakes out is critically important during the growing season. Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher explains how the weather can impact your bottom line.

Markets with Frayne Olson

Frayne Olson, North Dakota State University Ag Economist, discusses early harvest results from this year's wheat crop, recommendations for selling corn and soybeans and how the pandemic has specifically affected ag producers close to him.

Crop Disease Updates

It’s the middle of growing season and crop diseases are becoming more apparent. Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson-Ziems provides a rundown of what diseases are having a significant impact on producers this year.

Al’s Forecast

Is any relief from the heat on the way? Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher has our forecast for the week.

Insect Scouting

Immature grasshoppers and adult Japanese beetles were reported in several areas. Nebraska Extension Entomologist Bob Wright gives some tips on scouting and treating the pests.