MJ Reports from Japan

Japan Preview

For Nebraska producers, agricultural exports to Japan are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars each year. On future episodes of Market Journal, we will show why Japan is critical to agriculture in the U.S. and Nebraska.

Japan's Grain Imports

Japan has been the top buyer of U.S. corn for many years. It also imports significant quantities of wheat and soybeans. We explain how consumers in Japan use those products.

Japan's Tea Industry

Approximately 12 percent of total land area in Japan is used for farming. Kurtis Harms reports on one of the products from some of that ground: tea.

Ag Trade with Japan

David Miller, minister-counselor for agricultural affairs for the USDA in Tokyo, explains why Japanese consumers are valuable to American farmers. David also discusses trade barriers between Japan and the United States.

Japan: Nebraska's Top Meat Importer

Nebraska sends more of its pork and beef to Japan than any other country in the world. We explore why the Japanese market is vital to producers in the state.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

The United States is Japan's largest supplier of agricultural products. However, future exports could be affected by both a demographic shift within Japan and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multi-nation trade agreement. We report on how those factors might impact Nebraska's agricultural shipments.

Corn Exports to Japan

Japan is the largest market for U.S. corn exports. We examine how customers use American corn with Tetsuo Hamamoto, U.S. Grains Council Japan director.

Beef Exports to Japan

Japan is the top market for Nebraska beef and beef products. Tatsuo Ishii, Cargill Japan Limited director, talks about the recent history of U.S. beef exports to Japan.