Market Journal - February 14, 2020

Individual Segments

IANR Updates

Dr. Mike Boehm, Harlan Vice Chancellor for Nebraska’s Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, discusses IANR’s goals for 2020 and what it means for the state’s producers.

Markets with Jeff Peterson

Jeff Peterson of Heartland Farm Partners discusses President Trump’s 2021 budget proposal and agriculture’s reaction. Jeff also explains how crop prices in South America are impacting U.S. exports, and provides an update on the coronavirus.

Al’s Forecast

We’ve been under a stable weather pattern this week, but will it last? Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher has our forecast for the week.

Hemp Harvest Lessons

The first Nebraska hemp harvest is in the books! See how local producers are learning the ropes and paving the way for this versatile crop.

Women in Ag Conference

The 35th annual Women in Agriculture Conference is February 20th and 21st in Kearney. Nebraska Extension Associate Educator Jessica Groskopf shares what attendees can expect from this year’s event and provides details on registration.