MJ Reports from China

Global Agriculture

Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State, discusses how China's increasing population is affecting farmers in Nebraska.

Dry Distillers Grains

Nebraska ag economics professor Dennis Conley explains how he believes China has become a major importer of U.S. dried distillers grains with solubles.

Exporting Grains to China

Market Journal's Kurtis Harms shows where some U.S. grain arrives at a port in China.

China's Agricultural Demand

Eric Trachtenberg, Director, Food and Agriculture Sector, McLarty Associates, says China needs imports to meet its food demands. Eric talks about areas for growth in the Chinese market and relationships between the U.S. and China in certain commodities.

Partnership with China

Market Journal accompanied the Nebraska Department of Ag and the vice chancellor of Nebraska's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources as they prepared to open a joint exchange office in Beijing, China.

Trade in BRIC Countries

Brazil, Russia, India and China accounted for over a quarter of the world's growth in gross domestic product from 2000 to 2010, according to Goldman Sachs. Jason Henderson, Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, explains the trade stages in those countries and how the U.S. is affected.

China's Role In Global Agriculture

China has been a major importer of soybeans since the 1990s and became a net importer of corn in 2010. Industry leaders and experts say China's imports from the U.S. and other countries fill a need the country can't meet on its own.