Market Journal - August 11, 2017

Individual Segments

Market Analysis

Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners president, analyzes the USDA’s August Crop Report and looks at the condition of corn and soybeans across the country.

Pasture & Range Condition

Jerry Volesky, Nebraska Extension range and forage specialist, gives an update on pasture and range conditions in west central Nebraska and talks about considerations for the rest of the grazing season. Producers can learn more about these topics at the 2017 Gudmundsen Sandhills Lab Open House later this month.

Nebraska Dicamba Injury

Amit Jhala, Nebraska Extension weed management specialist, describes suspected dicamba injury in Nebraska.

Painted Lady Butterflies

Julie Peterson, Nebraska Extension entomologist, describes the appearance of painted lady butterflies in certain areas of Nebraska.

Ag Property Taxes

Dave Aiken, Nebraska Extension ag and water law specialist, discusses ag property tax reform efforts during the Nebraska Unicameral’s 2017 legislative session.

Weather Outlook

Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.