Market Journal - August 3, 2018

Individual Segments

Market Analysis

Jeff Peterson, Heartland Farm Partners President, gives his analysis of the crop progress report. Jeff also discusses how corn yield will be determined for August.

Farm Aid Package

Brad Lubben, Nebraska Extension Policy Specialist, explains what the $12 billion farm aid package contains and how it may benefit certain producers.

Soybean Management Field Days

Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension Educator shares information about the upcoming 20th annual Soybean Management Field Days.

Corn Diseases

Tamra Jackson-Ziems, Nebraska Extension Plant Pathologist, explains the different diseases currently emerging in corn fields, including bacterial leaf streak. Tamra also explains how to spot wounds on plants and how to identify the disease affecting it.

Weather Outlook

Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension agricultural climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.