Market Journal - April 29, 2016

Cattle Market Analysis – Mike Briggs, feedlot manager from Seward, Nebraska, analyzes the slide in cattle market prices over the final half of April. Mike also talks about the USDA’s latest Cattle on Feed Report and profit margins in the feedlot.

Farm Finances – Gregg Ibendahl, Kansas State University associate professor of ag economics, discusses the current volume of agricultural loans and the ratio of debt-to-assets.

Scouting Corn – Bob Wright, Nebraska Extension entomologist, describes how corn growers can scout their fields for cutworms, wireworms and white grubs.

Legislative Recap – Dave Aiken, Nebraska Extension ag and water law specialist, reviews the recently wrapped Nebraska Legislative session, which included bills on property tax relief, hog packer feeding and the Niobrara River instream flow compromise.

Weather Outlook – Al Dutcher, Nebraska Extension associate state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.






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