Market Journal - April 7, 2017

Individual Segments

Grain Market Analysis

Elaine Kub, author of “Mastering the Grain Markets,” analyzes market reaction to the USDA’s latest acres and stocks estimates. Elaine also talks about corn and soybean trade, as well as selling strategies for old and new crops.

Hog Market Analysis

Ron Plain, University of Missouri emeritus professor of ag and applied economics, dissects the USDA’s Quarterly Hogs and Pigs Report. Ron also discusses market prices and breakeven margins.

Yield Loss from Weeds

Peter Sikkema, University of Guelph professor of field crop weed management, explains how weed pressures during a critical period can impact corn yields.

Soybean Research Results

Keith Glewen, Nebraska Extension educator, outlines research results from the 2016 Soybean Management Field Days.

Weather Outlook

Stonie Cooper, Nebraska State Climate Office meteorologist, gives a weather forecast for the coming week.