About Market Journal

Our Mission

Market Journal is information for agricultural business decisions. Every topic covered is first measured by this standard. The Market Journal crew is determined to help the agricultural producer improve his or her bottom line, to help make the business more profitable.

Market Journal is an educational outreach effort presented by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and is funded by the Nebraska Corn Board. Hosted by Jeff Wilkerson, Market Journal provides:

  • current grain/livestock market commentary and analysis;
  • weather, climate, and soil moisture updates;
  • proven marketing and management ideas;
  • risk management strategies;
  • updates on current agricultural policy issues;
  • practical advice from seasoned, working producers;
  • opportunities to share information and ideas; and
  • access to the resources of Nebraska Extension

Market Journal is available on the web on demand. Every Market Journal program is archived and broken down into easy-to-navigate video clips. Search our database for the information you need, or access entire Market Journal programs whenever it's convenient for you. You can even subscribe to our Podcast on iTunes and listen to Market Journal anytime, anywhere.

Program History

Market Journal began in 1999 as a series of “Smart Marketing” meetings held at Nebraska Extension offices across the state. The emphasis of these meetings was the face-to-face interaction between agricultural producers and Nebraska Extension specialists and educators. Live satellite broadcasts of the Smart Marketing seminars made it possible for the program to reach a larger, more widely dispersed audience. The format of the seminars was expanding and the program was renamed Market Journal.

In 2000, Market Jornal programs were made available online. Programs were edited, summarized and archived for on-demand, online viewing. Market Journal began to augment studio segments with in-the-field interviews with agricultural producers and experts. This updated format makes the best use of what television does well: illustrate complex concepts with spoken words, images and moving pictures.

Agricultural producers like the format and in 2002 Market Journal began to broadcast directly into the homes of products via the satellite Dish Network (two one-hour programs twice each month).

On November 1, 2003, Market Journal was reformatted into a weekly 30-minute program, which continues to air on Nebraska Educational Telecommunications. In the spring of 2014 Market Journal began airing across Canada on the Rural Channel, a cable network dedicated to rural programming. Market Journal also airs across the US on RFD-TV, this coverage began in January 2016.