Market Journal - November 9, 2012

     Grain Markets –“ Jeff Peterson, president for Heartland Farm Partners, reviews the USDA November Crop Report. Jeff also talks about selling strategies for corn, soybeans and wheat.
     Optimizing By-Products –“ Drought has decreased the supply of corn across the country this summer, thereby increasing its price. Producers buying distillers grains from ethanol plants now face a price nearly equal to corn. Terry Klopfenstein, UNL professor of animal science, discusses optimizing the use of by-products in feedlot diets.
     Platte River Plan Update –“ In May, two Platte River basin Natural Resources Districts proposed converting irrigation from surface water to ground water in hopes of helping meet water needs of the Platte River. The Central Platte NRD and the Twin Platte NRD then commissioned a feasibility study of converting canal irrigation to underground wells. UNL Extension ag and water law specialist Dave Aiken explains portions of the report.
     Drought Effects on Windbreaks –“ Hot weather and little precipitation may have played a part in reducing windbreaks this summer. Dennis Adams, Nebraska Forest Service, says producers can look at renovating or building windbreaks with adapted trees for Nebraska.
     Year-End Tax Prep –“ As we approach the end of another season, Tina Barrett, Nebraska Farm Business, Inc., explains the tax landscape and changes from last year.
     Weather Update –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his weekly forecast.