Market Journal –“ October 4, 2013

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Market Analysis –“ Jeff Peterson, president of Heartland Farm Partners, analyzes the USDA–™s latest Grain Stocks report. Jeff also looks at pricing opportunities for corn and soybeans during harvest, as well as for the 2014 season.

Beta-Agonists –“ Galen Erickson, UNL Extension beef feedlot specialist, discusses the use of beta-agonists in cattle feeding and the decision by some processors to no longer accept cows fed Zilmax.

Cattle Grazing Stalks –“ With corn harvest continuing in Nebraska, open cornfields are providing another feed source for cattle. Rick Rasby, UNL Extension beef specialist, outlines a few tips for producers to keep in mind when allowing cattle to graze stalks. Information on UNL Extension–™s Cow-Q-Lator can be found here.

Nebraska–™s Renewable Fuels –“ Nebraska plays a large role in contributing to ethanol and biodiesel. With help from the Renewable Fuel Standard, using corn and soybeans for renewable fuels has been a benefit to farmers, motorists and residents across the country.

Weather Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

Additional Grazing Resource:  Yield Boost after Grazing Stalks
Original Air Date:  September 7, 2012
With harvest underway in Nebraska, producers can now utilize stalks as a source of forages for livestock. Terry Klopfenstein, UNL professor of animal science, says studies show a subsequent yield boost in fields that have had residue removed.

Additional Grazing Resource: Yield Boost after Grazing Stalks
Original Air Date: September 7, 2012