Market Journal –“ October 11, 2013

This week on Market Journal–¦

 Cattle Market Analysis –“ Mike Briggs, Seward, Neb. feedlot manager, talks about how lower corn prices could help profit margins in the feeding sector. Mike also discusses the cash fed cattle market and retail beef prices.

Sampling Soil for SCN –“ Soybean cyst nematode continues to be the number one problem for soybean growers in Nebraska. SCN cost the state's soybean growers more than $45 million in 2012 –“ more than all other soybean diseases combined. Loren Giesler, UNL Extension plant pathologist, explains why sampling soils after harvest can help you confirm your fields are free of SCN.

Republican River Plans –“ In January a United States Supreme Court special master concluded Nebraska's new Republican River irrigation regulations are sufficient to keep the state in compliance with the Republican River Basin Compact in dry years. Dave Aiken, UNL Extension water law specialist, outlines those plans.

2012 Drought Impact –“ A recent UNL study calculated the drought damage in 2012 as it relates to corn use. To fully offset drought effects, a 64% waiver of the ethanol mandate would've been necessary.

Weather Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.