Hog Markets –“ Grain markets are reacting to the possibility of a big corn crop in 2012. Ron Plain, University of Missouri Extension ag economist, says the expectations may give some relief to hog farmers paying high input prices. Plain also discusses slaughter weights, meat prices and the summer outlook for the hog market.
     ACRE Program –“ As Washington continues to discuss the 2012 Farm Bill, UNL Extension public policy specialist Brad Lubben reminds farmers about an important decision that needs to be made by the end of the month.
     Scouting for Flies –“ Flies can become a major economic threat for cattle producers if left untreated. Dave Boxler, UNL Extension educator in entomology, gives tips on scouting and treating.
     Grass Hay Cutting –“ Nutrient and energy content of grass hay decrease as the grass grows. Bruce Anderson, UNL Extension forage specialist, recommends farmers plan grass hay cuttings based on what animals will be fed with the hay.
     Nitrogen Application –“ Seventy-eight percent of the corn planted in Nebraska has emerged. Farmers may consider applying nitrogen as plants continue to emerge. Charles Shapiro, UNL Extension soil scientist, talks about how farmers can sample soils and apply nitrogen based off those results.
     Weather Outlook –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, says there are chances of precipitation in his seven-day forecast.