Cattle Markets –“ With falling gas prices, most consumers are willing to spend money on beef. Mike Briggs, Seward, Neb. feedlot manager, says even with more disposable income, consumers may second-guess a purchase from the beef counter after seeing higher than normal prices.
     Food Safety –“ Transglutaminase and Fibrin are natural binding agents used in meat products. But some media reports have questioned other use. Market Journal–™s Kurtis Harms reports.
     Insects Emerging Early –“ Nebraska–™s mild winter has helped plants grow at a faster rate than normal and have brought insects into fields sooner. UNL Extension entomologist Bob Wright says there are two pests producers should already be scouting for.
     Managing Grasslands –“ Grasslands in Nebraska will be sensitive this spring due to the mild winter conditions. Martin Massengale, director of the UNL Center for Grassland Studies, recommends producers create a new grazing plan to help grass recover.
     Nematodes in Cornfields –“ Nematodes are a common parasite in Nebraska cornfields. Tamra Jackson-Ziems, UNL Extension plant pathologist, says this is a good time for corn producers to sample their fields.
     Drought Update –“ Concerns of drought continue throughout Nebraska. Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, gives an update on drought conditions.