Market Journal - May 16, 2014

Market Analysis –“ Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, recaps the USDA's May Crop Report and analyzes long-term seasonal price charts for corn and soybean markets.

Drought Reduction –“ Brian Fuchs, National Drought Mitigation Center, describes how recent precipitation benefitted dry areas of Nebraska. Brian also explains current drought classifications in Nebraska based on the latest U.S. Drought Monitor from UNL. The weekly U.S. Drought Monitor can be found here.

Soybean Seedling Diseases –“ Loren Giesler, UNL Extension plant pathologist, says current soil conditions provide favorable environments for soybean seedling diseases. A recent CropWatch article on soybean survival after flooding can be found here.

LEAD Class Applications –“ Terry Hejny, Nebraska LEAD Program director, says the deadline for LEAD 34 is less than one month away. Terry explains why individuals in agriculture might be interested in applying. More details, including application information, about the Nebraska LEAD Program can be found here.

Argentina's Proteco Feedlot –“ More Argentine farmers are opting to use land for crops, instead of livestock. As a result, more cattle are now being finished in feedlots, rather than on grasslands. Market Journal's Kurtis Harms reports from Argentina's Proteco Feedlot to show how one of the country's larger operations is raising its animals.

Long-Range Weather - Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, shows streamflow forecasts and precipitation possibilities for spring and summer.