Wheat Markets –“ Frayne Olson, North Dakota State Extension economist, discusses export volatility, the annual wheat tour, and wheat planting progress to the north.
     Trading Hours Expanded - The CME Group announced on Tuesday it would expand grain futures trading to 22-hour sessions. Jeff Peterson, president with Heartland Farm Partners in Lincoln, explains what this may mean for farmers.
     Army Cutworm Moths –“ UNL Extension educators are reporting calls from producers concerned about army cutworm moths affecting corn. UNL Extension entomologist Bob Wright talks about the unusually high number of moths and if they will affect planted corn.
     Wheat Disease Update –“ Stephen Wegulo, UNL Extension plant pathologist, says more disease problems are cropping up in wheat. Wegulo says producers need to scout fields and treat based on how far along wheat is.
     Cereal Aphids in Wheat –“ UNL Extension entomologist Jeff Bradshaw says dry conditions in western Nebraska set up perfect conditions for aphids in wheat.
     Nebraska Lead Program –“ LEAD Class 32 is now accepting applications. Market Journal–™s Kurtis Harms reports on the program–™s background and the details for the new class.
     Weather Outlook –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, takes a look at next week–™s forecast and the outlook for precipitation.