Kate Brooks

Kathleen R. Brooks

Kate Brooks is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Kate is originally from central Kansas where she grew up on a farm raising cattle and sheep along with various crops. She received her B.S. in Agribusiness from Kansas State University, her M.S. in Agribusiness from Illinois State University, and her Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University. Brooks served as a faculty member at West Texas A&M University from August 2010 to December 2012 and joined the UNL faculty in January 2013.

Brooks interests and experiences span throughout the livestock industry. Brooks research in large part has dealt with meat and livestock economics. In particular, she has done work on pork production and several issues related to meat and livestock marketing. She has also done work in consumer preference dealing with issues such as animal cloning and fat injected steaks.

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