Market Journal June 1, 2012

Grain Markets –“ Wade Johannes, Commodity Risk Manager with Central Valley Ag, gives his analysis of current ethanol margins, market issues in Europe, the world–™s soybean supply, and selling windows for corn and soybeans.

Dry Weather Conditions –“ Most of Nebraska is experiencing dry conditions, but UNL Extension educator Aaron Berger says the panhandle is critically dryer than normal.

Controlling Marestail –“ Marestail has become a problem for some Nebraska producers. UNL Extension weed science educator Lowell Sandell says it–™s difficult to completely kill marestail in fields post emergence.

Soybean Seedling Diseases –“ Farmers may be seeing diseases in soybean fields after recent rains across Nebraska. UNL Extension plant pathologist Loren Giesler recommends farmers document problems to help manage fields.

Written Contract Rule –“ Agreements concerning agricultural land, product sales and loans must be written to stand in court. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension ag law specialist Dave Aiken recommends using written agreements to manage risk of the other party backing out.

Dryland Yield Research –“ All crops need water to grow, but all crops need a different amount. Jenny Rees, UNL Extension educator, explains what new research shows about dryland corn, soybeans and sorghum water use efficiency.

Weather Outlook –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, reviews last week–™s precipitation and gives his forecast for the next seven days.