Market Journal –“ July 12, 2013

     Market Analysis –“ Darin Newson, DTN senior analyst, analyzes grain markets after the USDA–™s latest supply and demand estimates for corn, soybeans, and wheat production.
     Cattle Markets –“ Kate Brooks, UNL Extension livestock economist, breaks down livestock markets and how a recent fed cattle run might help producers ease losses.
     Planting in Wheat Stubble –“ With Nebraska–™s wheat growers harvesting 12 percent of their crop so far, farmers with that now-open land may opt to put something different in the ground. Bruce Anderson, UNL Extension forage specialist, says there are steps you can take to give those next plants a better chance at thriving.
     Early Weaning Calves –“ Rick Rasby, UNL Extension beef specialist, discusses early weaning calves and if 2013 is putting farmers and ranchers into last year–™s situation of surviving until fall corn stalks become available.
     Weather Outlook –“ Bryce Anderson, DTN senior ag meteorologist, explains how the rest of the growing season may play out, as the latest UNL drought monitor shows drought conditions slightly creeping back.