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This week on Market Journal...

     Grain Markets –“ Weather concerns in South America are impacting grain markets; but for how much longer? Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant, discusses selling options, his 20-year chart studies and the –œDead Cat Bounce.–
     Weather Affecting Cattle –“ Terry Mader, UNL Extension Beef Specialist, says fluctuating temperatures may be affecting cattle, even though signs of stress may be difficult to detect.
     Nebraska LEAD Program –“ Terry Hejny, Nebraska LEAD program director, says the program is now accepting applications for Lead Group 32.
     Unwritten Agreements –“ Market Journal–™s Kurtis Harms talks with UNL Extension ag law specialist Dave Aiken about benefits and drawbacks to both written leases and handshake deals for landlords and tenants.
     2012 Tax Season –“ Record high commodity prices in 2011 make preparing for the 2012 tax season different than usual. Tina Barrett from Nebraska Farm Business, Inc. gives resolutions for the 2012 season.
     Mild Weather Continues –“ Temperatures in the eastern part of Nebraska reached into the mid 60s this week. UNL Extension statewide climatologist Al Dutcher says mostly mild temperatures should continue until cold air moves in towards the end of the week.
     Heuermann Lecture Series - Harlan Vice Chancellor of the IANR Ronnie Green outlines the next lecture in the series given by author Stewart Brand.