Market Journal - February 21, 2014

Market Analysis –“ Mike Briggs, Seward, Neb. feedlot manager, discusses feeding margins, corn prices and consumer demand for beef.

Part 3 –“ After Harvest –“ While Brazil may be the leading soybean producer after its harvest this year, it's already the world's top exporter of soybeans. Argentina is number one in shipping both soybean oil and meal. For both nations, however, some of the biggest challenges occur when trying to sell those products and get them to ports. If the difficulties in these areas are improved, it would have an impact on soybean production there, and therefore, prices here.

Vet Diagnostic Center –“ The Nebraska Veterinary Diagnostic Center at UNL diagnoses disease problems in livestock in order to help farmers and ranchers treat their animals. Market Journal's Kurtis Harms reports.

Calving Preparations –“ The bulk of calving is around the corner for most of Nebraska. Richard Randle, UNL Extension beef veterinarian, explains how farmers and ranchers can prepare for the calving season. A recent article on the impacts of cold weather on calf weights from Bethany Johnston, UNL Extension educator, can be found here.

Weather Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.