This week on Market Journal...

     Livestock Markets –“ Shane Ellis, Iowa State Extension livestock economist, discusses cattle markets as supply is down and exports are up with consumption on the rise.
     Cattle Impacting the Environment –“ UNL researchers are working to minimize environmental threats due to cattle production. Market Journal–™s Kurtis Harms reports.
     Winter Wheat Management –“ UNL Extension western Nebraska crops specialist, Bob Klein says now is the time for producers to control weeds in winter wheat.
     Animal Welfare –“ Is agriculture providing consumers with what they want? Candace Croney, associate professor in animal behavior and well-being at Purdue University, answers this question.
     Research Benefitting Beef –“ Research is being done by UNL to improve health of cattle in feedlots. UNL Extension beef specialist, Galen Erickson, is working to help cattle transition from forage based to grain diets after being moved to a feedlot.
     Range and Pasture Conditions –“ UNL Extension range and forage specialist, Jerry Volesky says some producers have saved hay by not having to feed cattle through major winter storms. But, will the drought in Texas impact Nebraska cattle operations?
     Seven Day Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, gives this week–™s weather forecast.