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This week on Market Journal...

      Cattle Markets –“ In this week–™s livestock marketing analysis with Mike Briggs, he discusses the current outlook of retail beef, improving packer margins, and the latest cattle-on-feed report.
     Soybean Checkoff Dollars Pay Dividends –“ Greg Greving, chairman of the Nebraska Soybean Board, discusses projects funded by soybean checkoff dollars. These funds often go to research and outreach efforts to benefit soybean production.
     Improving Cattle Herds - Heifer development is a costly component in raising cattle. Matt Stockton, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension economist, says it–™s important for livestock producers to understand what kinds of animals they–™re working with, and how these animals fit into their livestock systems.
     Increasing Soybean Yields –“ Charles Wortmann, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension soil fertility specialist, discusses his research, which involves enhancing soybean yields. Wortmann says early planting helps promote higher soybean yields.
     Bridging Gaps –“ Kim Essex, US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance, says Americans are many generations removed from the farm, which often creates a disconnect between agricultural producers and consumers. This disconnect can often lead to inaccurate perceptions of agriculture.
     Child Labor Laws - Greg Ibach, director of the Nebraska Department of Ag, says proposed changes to child labor laws can widen the gap between producers and consumers.
     Weather Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension statewide climatologist, says holiday travel plans across Nebraska shouldn–™t be affected by bad weather.