August 29, 2014

Market Analysis – Frayne Olson, North Dakota State Extension economist, analyzes the opportunities for a rally in soybeans, selling strategies for corn going into harvest, and the current condition of U.S. winter wheat.

Aphid Tolerant Soybean Research – Soybean aphids are common pests in Nebraska. Tom Hunt, UNL Extension entomologist, gives an update on research with aphid tolerance in soybeans. This research is funded by the North Central Soybean Research Program.

Marketing 2014 Calves – With current price levels, cow/calf producers could see good profits when selling 2014 calves. Aaron Berger, UNL Extension educator, outlines a few options to consider when thinking about marketing this year's calf crop. UNL's Beef website features more information on Livestock Risk Protection Insurance and determining costs of production.

Storing Distillers Grains – Distillers grains have become much cheaper, compared with earlier in the year. Aaron Stalker, UNL Extension beef range systems specialist, explains why using distillers grains could benefit producers – if they can properly store the product. More resources on storing distillers grains can be found here.

Future Weed Control Options – Pending regulatory approval, soybean growers could be able to utilize Roundup Ready Xtend and Enlist Duo. Greg Kruger, UNL Extension cropping systems specialist, explains why farmers will still need to maintain a strong weed control program under those systems.

Weather Forecast – Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.

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