Market Journal –“ August 16, 2013

This week on Market Journal–¦

Market Analysis –“ Wade Johannes, Commodity Risk Manager with Central Valley Ag, analyzes how corn and soybean markets reacted to the USDA–™s latest round of reports. Wade also discusses selling strategies for old and new crop.

Ergot Poisoning –“ Reports across the Midwest are showing cattle suffering from ergot poisoning. Dr. Richard Randle, UNL Extension beef veterinarian, advises farmers and ranchers to look at grass and hay before feeding to ensure the absence of the fungus.

Rust and Disease Update –“ Tamra Jackson-Ziems, UNL Extension plant pathologist, says southern rust is currently confirmed in approximately 20 Nebraska counties. Tamra advises growers on scouting and treating the disease, as well as how to handle damaged corn. Forage options with damaged corn can be found here.

SCN Field Days –“ The most expensive setback for Nebraska soybean growers is soybean cyst nematode. It has been identified in 54 Nebraska counties and has been found as far west as McCook. Loren Giesler, UNL Extension plant pathologist, details what soybean producers can learn from attending the 2013 SCN Management Field Days. More information on the field days can be found here.

Weed Resistance –“ Stevan Knezevic, UNL Extension integrated weed management specialist, discusses the problem of weed resistance in Nebraska fields.  Resistance information from the 2013 Guide to Weed Management can be found here.

Weather Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his weekly weather forecast and an extended outlook.