August 15, 2014

Grain Market Analysis – Roy Smith, farmer and grain marketing consultant from Plattsmouth, Nebraska, analyzes the USDA's August Crop Report. Roy also talks about the history of making sales before the USDA's September Crop Report.

Hog Market Analysis – Ron Plain, University of Missouri Extension economist, says pig producers saw their most profitable months ever in March, April, May and June. Ron also explains why pork exports have been so strong and describes past impact from the Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus.

Scheduling Soybean Irrigation – As soybean farmers enter the homestretch of the growing season, they can begin to think about scheduling the final irrigation application. Gary Zoubek, UNL Extension educator, explains the water needs of plants as they approach maturity. A UNL NebGuide offers more information on predicting the last irrigation of the season, and growers can also download UNL's Crop Water app to use on their operations.

Farm Program Updates – Dan Steinkruger, Nebraska State Farm Service Agency executive director, discusses signup for livestock emergency programs. Dan also talks about ARC and PLC implementation and the change to the Dairy Margin Protection Program.

Weather Forecast – Al Dutcher, UNL Extension state climatologist, gives his forecast for the coming week.