Hog Markets –“ The USDA reported hog and pig inventory was up by two percent from last March in the latest quarterly report. University of Missouri Extension ag economist Ron Plain explains the low growth percentage.

Gasoline Prices on the Rise –“ National gasoline averages reached $3.94 per gallon this week. Dennis Conley, UNL ag economics professor, says drivers should prepare for higher prices.

Foreign Land Ownership –“ Although Nebraska has restrictions on foreign land ownership, about one one-hundredth of a percent of land in the state is foreign owned. David Aiken, UNL Extension ag law specialist, says there are exceptions to this rule.

Scouting for Disease –“ Because of unseasonably warm temperatures in winter and spring, Nebraska–™s wheat crop is about two weeks ahead of normal. Stephen Wegulo, UNL Extension plant pathologist, recommends that wheat farmers start scouting fields for disease early.

Imperium Renewables –“ While on a trip to the Pacific coast with Nebraska soybean growers, Market Journal saw one of the largest Biodiesel production facilities in the nation: Imperium Renewables.

Seven-Day Forecast –“ Al Dutcher, UNL Extension statewide climatologist, gives his forecast of what conditions farmers could expect in the coming week.